Urology Department

Located on the second floor, this department is related to the Surgery Department. It provides the diagnosis, treatment and surgical intervention for the urinary system.

Among its major equipment and machines:

  • A Lithotripsy machine, to treat Nephrolithiasis (Kidney stones) without any need for anesthesia and without exposing the patient to any radiation. The advantage of this machine is that it allows the doctor to track the kidney stones in case they move due to the excessive movement of the patient during the session.
  • The latest Holmium Yag Laser Nephrolithiasis treatment technology.
  • The cutting-edge speculum Flexible Ureteroscopy: Cobra Vision featuring high quality image transmission, with the possibility to stabilize and adjust the laser lines.
  • The Flexible Cystoscope which allows cystoscopy without the need for any general or partial anesthetic.
  • The high quality endoscopic technique Smart HD Visualization chain.
  • The Ultrathin Ureteroscope, a very fine speculum, used to treat kidney stones in kids and adults.
  • The Mini Nephroscope, for large-sized kidney stones.
  • The Cyber TM – Thulium Laser, a treatment laser for prostate and to eradicate tumors in lower urinary tract and partial resection of the kidney. One of its most important features is that it allows the treatment of oversized prostate; it is safe for heart patients and allows the patient to return quickly to his normal life.

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